On Demand APP Development

We build custom on-demand apps for businesses which are seeking to get into the rapid on-demand service industry while keeping your budget optimized, our On-Demand Solutions have you covered with a profitable and efficient platform with a variety of functional features linking the user and provider together.

Our Approach to Custom On-Demand Development

We offer complete solutions to cover all users needs, which includes a customer app, provider apps and admin panel. All together bring a powerful application harnessing cutting-edge features to improve your business.

Service Configurations

Manage the services along with its content and configurations. Activate and deactivate service as required.

 Order status tracking and management

Be able to track what's happens in your app related to your service.

 Geo features

Define your routes & calculations, service areas  and objets tracking.

In-App Messaging

A clear communication with your customers boosts your business, with On-App messaging you can monitor the communication between service request and providers.

Application Content Management

Change the content when you need and by you own (  terms and conditions, privacy policy, about app, others)

Multiple Language Integration

Don't limit your audiences! Provide them with language support.

User APP

Manage Booking

Select the service required from a wide range of services provided by the system and specify the basic details like service location, date and time etc.

Choose Services

Users can choose their service type and schedule the service as needed.

In - App Messaging

The bridge between the service provider and user, can chat as soon as the request is accepted by the service provider and until the job begins.

Multiple Language Support

Enable the languages according to your needs.

Notifications & Alerts

Allows your customers to get real-time alerts and notifications on their service bookings, discounts, deliveries, etc. Real-time alerts and notifications help you stay connected with the customers at all times.

Service Order Management

Customers can easily check the past bookings for every service request, either canceled or completed.


Help your customers with easy and safe payments on their requested services. 

Provider APP

Choose & Manage Services

Choose the services that you want to provide.

Set Service Rates

Define your own  service rates.

Obtain Service Request

Accept or reject requests based on one’s own availability. 

In - App Messaging

The bridge between the service provider and user, can chat as soon as the request is accepted by the service provider and until the job begins.

Service Company Management

Manage your employees and allocate them the service requests.

Alerts & Notifications

Provides real-time notifications about the booking and requests.

Admin Panel

Application Configuration

The admin can manage the personalized content in the system.

Language Management

Activate/Deactivate the languages supported in the system.

Dashboard Analytics

Get actionable insights on your business operations with quick summary and stats of the system operations like number of orders, claims, requests, users and much more.

Fare Management

Configure service commission rates based on country, service type, etc. 

User Administration 

Manage system users, block them if needed and view their requests and other details.

Service Management

Manage different service categories. Configure various services and  add categories.

Service Order Management And Vendor Verification

The admin can view all service bookings in real-time with their status and can accept or reject the provider to assure the reliability of getting the service done.

Grow your business with our best On-Demand Service App Solution

Industry Wide Solution

Our On-Demand X Solutions are suitable for variety of industries  and can be customized for specific requirements.

Field Services

Deliver technical & professional support wherever it is needed, instantaneously. Help people get on-demand home cleaning, plumbers, Dry Cleaning, handymans, etc.

Food Delivery

If you are a grocery, restaurant or prepared food as a personal business,  you can monetize your services.

Logistics & Transportation

Not just apps like Uber, Cabify, Autonomous Vehicles & Smart City Services, too.


Ease both literal & figurative headaches with physician home visits, telemedicine, procedure price comparisons, & more. 


Traditional brick-&-mortar establishments are making use of convenience as a service, with home stylist & beautician visits.